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What is a Bio-digester?

Bio-digester is a modern sanitization system that is replacing septic tanks, eliminating the need to exhaust and bad odours thus enjoying a clean the environment while saving on costs.

A Bio-digester uses anaerobic process in absence of Oxygen to convert organic materials such as manure, sewage, green waste, e.t.c. into stable and commercially useful compounds.

The digestion takes place in 4 phases;

  1. Hydrolysis –breakdown of high molecular substances into low molecular compounds.
  2. Acidification – low molecular compounds are broken down into organic acids and gases (hydrogen Sulphide, carbon dioxide and Ammonia).
  3. Acetogenisis –Organic acids are broken down into acetates and gases (carbon dioxide & Hydrogen)
  4. Methanogenis– Acetates are broken down into methane gas, carbon dioxide and alkaline water.

The alkaline water is discharged to Soak-pit/French-drain or recycled.

Bio-digesters can either be Mesophilic or Thermophilic.

  • Mesophilic means medium-temperature loving bacteria which will ferment the best at temperatures up to 30°C or 90°F.
  • Thermophilic is a heat-loving bacteria which will ferment best when above 30°C or 90°F

Why bio-digesters fail;

  1. Presence of oxygen in the bio-digester
  2. Water leakage into the chambers or out to the surface.
  3. Poor and incorrect chambers construction.
  4. Wrong calculation of users against the size of the bio-digester.
  5. Poor discharge of water i.e. use of soak pit or French drain.

Why you should build a Bio-digester with Dancom construction Company

  • Over 10 years of construction experience
  • A team of construction experts with diverse profiles
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To get a Bio-digester construction quotation, kindly tell us the following;

  1. Home / facility size in terms of population
  2. Soil type in the area
  3. Location
  4. Any other important information such as presence of a septic tank or sewer system
  5. Interest to recycle.

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