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Kenya has reported tremendous growth since the promulgation of the new constitution. It opened opportunities at the county level to expedite roads constructions, repairs and rehabilitation across the country. The Government through the executive promised 10,000 Km of road networks to bitumen standards. Additionally the county governments commenced road works inconjuction with KERRA (Kenya Rural Roads Authority) to glade access roads with Murram and upgrade select few to all weather tarmac roads.

Other industries such as the Agriculture, Manufacturing, Health, Transport and tourism have reaped the benefits of smooth, well drained and secure roads. Farmers are now able to deliver farm produce on time to the markets without been stuck or loosing goods due to bad state of roads.

On the other hand, there remains to be unexploited opportunities for construction sector since more roads require maintenance and upgrade. Dancom Construction roads arm, has come up with efficient and effective ways to deliver road works project fast and convenient without compromising the quality of materials used as well as the expertise. Dancom believes in quality work that is enabled by well-maintained machinery, trained support staff, team of experts and coordinated efforts through the company leadership.

In the last years, Dancom Construction has been involved in road works projects and remains to be the preferred road contractor for County and national roads, drainage, diversions, water and sewer lines across the region. We ensure effective communication, maintaining professionalism and good rapport to our existing and new partners.

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