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Ruaraka Schools

A survey conducted in Kenya has shown that the number of University students continue to increase as boarding facilities remain scarce. To address the shortage, Kenyan government is calling for Public-Private partnership (PPP) to ensure students get housing without diverting core business of the Universities to offer World class education. The Government on the other hand, has promised Kenyans affordable housing by the end of 5 years. Over 500,000 units will be constructed with affordable materials that will lower the total cost of the houses.

With the above cases, Dancom construction ltd has positioned itself as an affordable construction company that advises, undertakes and manage roads, civil and building construction works across the country. The company has grown over the years to become a fully licensed, independent contractor in Kenya. Dancom construction has managed to build classrooms from foundation, floor, walls, fabrication, electrical, plumbing, and painting among other works and completed the project on time. Secondly, Dancom has constructed all weather roads as well as business premises that are habitable and approved to be safe.

Dancom is best positioned to undertake any project because it has a team of experts in all sectors, experienced workforce to ensure the project is on course and modern machinery to complement human efforts. Save on cost; Hire us today and we shall deliver.

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